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Our Values and Ethos

Our ethos

Everywhere you go in our school you will see, "Be kind, be safe, be ready". This underpins our promotion of positive behaviour, but also reflects the whole ethos of the school. 
Be kind - to ourselves, to each other, to people we love and people we don’t know.

Be safe - to keep ourselves and others safe and happy at all times. To look after the physical and mental well-being of all members of our school community.

Be ready - to do our best, to try our hardest and for whatever challenge is coming next, whether that is in the next five minutes, the next week, the next year or at the next school.

We share and teach this ethos with the belief that all children should come to school to be motivated and inspired to achieve amazing things. Through an exciting, practical and child-led curriculum we promote a love of learning and develop resilient learners who are well prepared for the next stage of their education. We believe in the power of genuine relationships between staff, children and parents. We champion all children and insist they achieve their true potential with no excuses. We model "be kind, be safe, be ready" in all aspect of school life and give children the knowledge and skills to support this ethos in all they do.

British Values we Uphold

Respect Tolerance The Rule of Law
Democracy Liberty  

Ouseburn Qualities we Admire

Positivity Kindness Friendship
Effort Caring Honesty

Our Motto

All around school you can see our motto of "Be kind, be safe, be ready". We find that if everyone in school is kind to each other, conducts themselves safely and are ready to learn and play, everything runs very smoothly and we are all happy.

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