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British Values We Uphold, Ouseburn Qualities We Admire

At Great Ouseburn Primary School we uphold typically British Values. Alongside these, the children have identified qualities that they admire in each other. These are shared daily through assemblies, PSHE lessons and as issues arrive in daily school life. 

British Values

Tolerance - In our school you can see tolerance every day. We don't have a very diverse intake, but children from different backgrounds are made welcome. Differences are acknowledged and celebrated. 

Liberty - Children are aware of their freedoms within school and the responsibilities that come with this. Children have opportunities to choose activities in lessons, playtimes and extra-curricular clubs. The Junior Leadership Team provides feedback to staff regarding learning.

The Rule of Law - The school rules are applied consistently, with sanctions being proportionate and reasonable, reflecting the British legal system. Children are aware of crime and the law through PSHE and assemblies.

Democracy - You can see democracy in action daily. Our School Council is freely elected and represent the views of their peers. Within lessons, choices are made through democratic means and decisions at playtimes are also decided by a vote.

Respect - Mutual respect is evident throughout our school. Children and adults speak to each other politely and courteously. Where issues arise, children are encouraged to find their own solutions and genuine apologies are given. 

Ouseburn Qualities

Kindness - We foster kindness at every opportunity. This is modelled by staff and recognised amongst children. One good example is our buddy system, where the oldest children in school support the youngest.

Positivity - Children highly value each other's ability to remain positive, even when things are challenging. This can be seen through perseverance in lessons and determination at playtime and especially in PE.

Friendship - Our school is a warm, welcoming, family environment. Our mixed age classes and close family bonds means meaningful friendships are made and maintained. Naturally, there are disagreements, but children are supported to find their own solutions and repair damaged relationships successfully.

Effort - Children and adults recognise effort as a highly valued quality. An example of this is our "Over The Moon" display which celebrates work which shows an excellent level of effort for that individual. 

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