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Unicorn Class - Year 1 and 2

In Years 1 and 2 children start to follow the National Curriculum and take part in more formal learning. We ensure there is a gentle transition from the Early Years Curriculum, by having some areas for provision and a dedicated outdoor learning area. We currently have the classroom and an additional 'cabin' for learning. Through Key Stage 1 children develop into keen readers, writers and mathematicians. Our focus isn't on rushing to finish a reading scheme, it is on developing an understanding of what they have read and a love of learning. Writing engaging, exciting is given real purpose; and once children are confident in using numbers, we focus on solving problems and reasoning with maths. Our topics are carefully chosen to reflect the interests of the children, ensuring they are motivated and excited to learn.

When children leave Unicorns Class, they are fully-prepared to become Phoenixes in KS2 as confident, independent, resilient learners.

Rising Stars - Rocket Phonics

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