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Sport Premium 2017-18

In previous years the government has provided £150 million of ‘Sport Premium’ funding per annum (academic year) to primary schools to support the delivery of PE & School Sport. The funding is ring fenced to ensure it can only be spent of PE and sport provision. This has been doubled for 2017/18 to £16650. Below are our plans for spending this.

School Sports Partnership

Maintain participation in the School Sports Partnership.

  • A PE Specialist engaged to positively impact on PE and School Sport at Great Ouseburn 
  • Running sport competitions and increasing pupils’ participation in Level 2 School Games

Invest in the staff

  • Fund Professional Development opportunities for teachers in PE and School Sport. Specialist coaches supporting PE lessons in selected classes (based on staff confidence/expertise levels) enabling staff to use ideas/skills from the CPD sessions.
  • Hire qualified sports coaches to work with staff when teaching PE, as well as leading after school clubs. 
  • A range of extra-curricular clubs run by staff across the school year to promote Healthy living. New clubs included: Football and Hockey
  • Ensure that challenge is evident in PE lessons as staff are moving the learning on quickly, providing challenge to the most able.

Plan for sustainability

Inspire Children 

  • Pupil voice regularly carried out so children's voices are heard.
  • Develop opportunities for children to be inspired in the PE curriculum. 
  • New resources/ Visitors to school for workshops/ Trips.
  • Develop OAA (Outdoor and Adventure activities) into the timetable through Forest School activities (including orienteering) and residential trips.
  • Children competing in competitions and some progressing to the finals (KS2 cross-country, yr 3/4 tennis).


Sports Premium Impact

In 2016/17, the school received £8325. Below is a summary of the impact of the funding.




Specialist coaching, training for school staff

High quality lessons to be taught with clear progression building on prior skills.

All children were taught PE by specialist coaches, ensuring that they received excellent training in basic skills and team games. This led to more positive attitudes to PE and sport. Skills within school developed through observation of these sessions, providing a longer term impact.

Through specialist coaching we have achieved the Sainsbury School Games Gold Kitemark.

After school clubs

One-off sporting activities

High quality coaching across a wide range of sports to encourage children to raise their participation and therefore increase levels of fitness, awareness of health and well-being.

We offered a range of after school sporting clubs, which were subsidised by the sport premium to ensure they were financially viable and not only the most popular sports could be offered.

Cluster Sports Council

Children representatives from local schools meet together and plan cluster schools events and will lead lunchtime clubs in their schools. This will increase engagement and enthusiasm for all children. They will gain a nationally accredited course which can be continues and progressed into High school.

Run by our Sports Cluster Co-ordinator and our school PE co-ordinator, this was a very popular venture across our local schools. Through this event, Sports Council members have developed the skills to run lunchtime hockey clubs for future years. In addition, they organised and led a Cluster Schools Sports day event. The impact of this that school had more lunchtime clubs and the children feel confident to lead sporting events. This will have sustained impact as the children are keen to plan more events for 2017-18.

Sport Cluster Co-ordinator

Children will have more opportunities to access sporting occasions with other children in area. Competitions are linked in with sports taught each term, in order that the children are prepared for each event. We will have more success across a range of sports in Level 2 and Level 3competitions

All children were offered the opportunity to represent the school in sporting activities. For the last two years, every child has been involved in at least one activity. We are successful in inter-school competitions, despite being one of the smallest in the cluster. The impact of this on children’s attitudes to sport has been significant.

Transport to competitions and events

To be able to access many more competitions and events.

Sports Premium money helps towards the cost of travel to competitions. Children would not have access to competitive sports without this investment.  As mentioned, this has benefitted every child at least once a year

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